Meet Theresa Bowlby (aka Lois Lane and Crack Legal Team of One)

Investigative Reporter and Marketing and Sales Director

I have been with LPNN from the beginning. I have lived in Arizona for over 10 years, and two years ago decided Page is where home truly is. I am an Army Veteran, and originally from central California.

I earned my bachelor’s degrees in Intelligence (aka Counter Terrorism) and Emergency Management at NAU. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Business with a concentration in American Legal Studies from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

It has been said, by certain people in the office (Chris, aka ‘The Hat’), that I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to getting the facts. I always want to find out what the story is behind the story. I don’t like taking someone’s word about things and l would rather have the information and evidence in my hands before making a decision; the same goes for writing an article: I want all sides of the story rather than just one or two pushing their own narrative. I also like speaking with the ‘horse’, rather than the ‘horse’s spokesperson’. With the training I received in the military, I am not one to be intimidated when it comes to finding the truth or the motivation behind the decisions that are made, and I will not back down from asking the questions that others, for whatever reason, are either too scared or don’t want to ask.

I am very inquisitive, which originally sent me down the path toward law enforcement, with the goal of becoming a detective. However, a permanent injury stopped that dream. Working for LPNN in the capacity of Investigative Reporter allows me to utilize this inquisitiveness, and the training I received in the Academy, to its fullest potential.

Even though I have lived here for a relatively short time, I care greatly about Page and the surrounding communities. So much so, that I ran for an won a seat on Page's City Council, and will proudly supporting our community in this capacity until at least 2022. Aside from the changes and sense of community LPNN is promoting, I believe this to be the best way I can help in affecting the changes we, the residents of Page, truly want for our city.

I am pleased to be a part of LPNN and seeing in real time, the positive impact and value LPNN has been brining to Page and its surrounding communities. I am excited to watch as LPNN, Page, and its sister communities grow into the dream we all have for them. I want to help make that dream a reality in what ever way I can. After all, if not me, then who?


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