Letter To The Editor: Indigo Ridge

September 8, 2019


Last Wednesday the City Planning and Zoning meeting was conducted with a full house at Page City Hall and aired by LPNN with another 800 plus viewers watching from elsewhere.  A second hearing and attempt by Huntley to change current zoning and general land use will again be presented to the City September 11, at 6:30 during the City Council meeting.  The local citizens and actually all citizens need to be at this next meeting to stop an obvious wrong approach and project that could negatively impact our community.


A calm but firm opposition to the proposal submitted by Huntley LLC was clearly evident when speaker after speaker walked up to the dais and presented their strong feelings to oppose the project.


The Huntley LLC are the land owners of Indigo Ridge development and immediate area west and north of the residents of Indigo Ridge.  Adam, a representative of Huntley LLC presented a plan to (1) change the current zoning of medium density to HIGH DENSITY, and (2) change the General area plan from medium to high density as well. Huntley LLC presented a notional plan of over 240 units with 14 three story buildings immediate west of the Indigo Ridge phase 1 housing development and west of Ridgeway Rd.



Immediately after Adam presented his notional plan and his opinions that Ridgeway Rd. and surrounding area could handle the additional traffic and was good for the city---speaker after speaker challenged Adam and the proposal on many strong realities that really painted the project as disastrous for the immediate community and surrounding areas.


Challenges included that the current zoning and general land use plans were well thought of and should not be changed just to increase the profit of Huntley LLC.  Current city infrastructure (roads) and utilities are already deployed when the intent of the city was for the area to be medium density usage. 


Huntley LLC claim this project is phase 2 of their overall plan for the Indigo Ridge area. Many speakers shared that Huntley LLC has already failed the current phase 1 residents and future residents; claiming the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Examples were shared that Huntley LLC’s care for the current Indigo Ridge phase 1 residents was poor at best.  Broken sprinklers, sprinklers just feeding dirt without plants, torn up utility boxes, property stakes, weeds out of control, sidewalks in disrepair, graffiti, and general other indications that Huntley LLC has done next to nothing in support of the current residents in their phase 1 project.  The majority of those in attendance then wondered openly how can we expect better when they are failing now.


Early residents shared they were promised a high-class community and now deal with substandard support at best.  Early residents shared there were standards and expectations of homes to be built in the area and today it appears there are no rules as construction projects take on less than pleasing projects.


Poor landscaping, broken sprinklers, dead plants, ground cover, and rocks dissolving all show failure to live up to past promises.


A narrow roadway, likely less width than the neighborhood streets, past history of speeding, accidents, and many blind spots that would likely fail a state street test, provided concerning fuel to citizens who witnessed inappropriate driving and risks to locals’ kids near the school and anyone walking on the sidewalks.



Many many more examples and citizen concerns were raised and listened to by the Planning and Zoning Commission.  At the end of the meeting the Commission took a vote and unanimously agreed to the will of the people attending and rejected the proposal.  The vote and findings by the Commission represented the will of the people and voted to not pass the proposal for zoning and general land use changes.  The process worked.  The people came together, and the outcome was unanimous.


This should be the end of this issue, but it appears there is yet another hearing September 11th. 


Huntley LLC will have another chance to change the land use so they can move on with either a resale or high density housing. 


The attendees of the first meeting, the 800 plus who viewed on LPNN again request we have a full house to hear the plan and the objections.


The proposal appears to have a number of flaws, challenges that the city should not be burdened with, and an overwhelming public sentiment that this deal does not benefit anyone but the seller.  Please join us at the city council meeting and help hear the speakers share the truths of how this proposal does not have the city’s best interests at heart.



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