Statewide Texting & Driving Ban One Step Closer In Arizona

March 5, 2019


Yesterday, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Bill 1165 aimed at a statewide ban of texting while driving. This bill bans any driver from holding or using a phone or other device while the vehicle is in motion.


According to the bill, a person is in violation and can be cited it they are physically holding or supporting with any part of their body, any “wireless communication or stand-alone electronic device”.


The bill does allow for the use of Bluetooth and other headset, wrist, or hands-free devices. Drivers would also be able to text and use the devices if they are stopped at traffic lights or pulled over and parked.


The bill now heads to the House. If the bill passes the House, Governor Doug Ducey has said he will sign it. If passed, the bill would go into effect in January 20121, however, officers would be able to pull drivers over for the violations but would only be allowed to give warnings then.


Starting January 2021, fines for a first offense will be between $75 and $149; for each violation after, the fine is between $150 and $250 per offense.


If passed, the bill will also void all hands-free laws that have been passed by counties, cities, towns, and other political subdivisions throughout the state effective January 1, 2021.





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