Temporary Reprieve: Shutdown Ends Until February 15 With Tentative Deal

January 25, 2019


Federal employees that have been impacted by the partial federal government shutdown are getting a temporary reprieve. President Trump announced this afternoon, at a press conference in the Rose Garden, that after 35 days a short-term deal has been reached to temporarily end the partial shutdown and reopen the federal government until February 15, 2019; just three weeks.


"In a short while, I will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until February 15th. I will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly, or as soon as possible." 


President Trump praised the federal employees who have been furloughed and who have been working without pay since the start of the shutdown stating "You are fantastic people. You are incredible patriots. Many of you have suffered far greater than anyone." "In many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border security. Again I thank you." "You are very very special people. When I say 'Make America Great Again' it could never be done without you great people."


President Trump also implied that he is still considering taking unilateral action if necessary to get money for the border wall if negotiations for the wall fail. "I have a very powerful alternative and I didn't want to use it at this time. Hopefully it will be unnecessary." 


President Trump stated that throughout the shutdown he has heard from both sides of the isle which have claimed "they are willing to put partisanship aside. I think. And put the security of the American people first. I do believe they're going to do that. They have said they are for complete border security, and they have finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers, fencing, or walls...will be an important part of the solution."


President Trump also stated that he will be asking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to place the short-term agreement on floor for approval immediately to officially end the shutdown.


You can watch President Trump's speech in the video below.



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