More Police Officers For Page?

January 11, 2019



During the City Council Meeting on Wednesday, January 10, 2019, Mayor Tappan spoke on a small portion of the strategic retreat from this last Saturday. He stated that the council is off to a great start and that he wanted to add some more information to a topic pertaining to our police department compared to the Kanab, Utah Police Department during the retreat.


Mayor Tappan conducted some research and discovered that besides having a very efficient police force, the Kanab Police Department, in 2017 had a total of 43 major crime investigations, which averages out to 7 major crime investigations per officer.


In comparison, the Page Police Department during the same year, had a total of 436 major crime investigations, which averages to approximately 20 major crime investigations per officer. Mayor Tappan noted that in 2017, the Page Police Department received over 15,000 calls for service. He also stated that if the City of Page is going to use Kanab, Utah as a standard, who has six officers, Page will need ten times the amount of officers to put the city at the same level.


Mayor Tappan jokingly told City Manager Michael Celaya, that since the budget is currently being compiled for the next fiscal year, the Page Police Department is short 49 officers in order to be on par with the major crime case load handled by the Kanab Police Department.


All joking aside, Mayor Tappan stated that increasing the police force to adequate numbers will be added to the council’s overall strategic priorities.


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