Countdown To Doomsday?

January 12, 2019


If you have not heard it yet, Flagstaff based FM station 107.5 Kolt Country has been broadcasting a countdown over the past week. A robotic voice can be heard counting down to Monday, January 14 at 6:00 am, with short phrases interspersed.


Some of those phrases include “Our program director is color blind. He got this idea totally out of the purple”, and “open the pod bay doors HAL”, a reference to the HAL 9000 computer in the sci-fi movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, “Loading Chia”, “It’s going…going…going…gone”, “Sure it’s poverty with a view. At least we don’t live in Phoenix”, and many more.


This is a marketing stunt that has been used by radio stations around the country for decades, however, it seems to have hit a chord with listeners throughout the Flagstaff area. So much so, the Flagstaff Police Department received enough phone calls about the message, they issued the following statement on their official Facebook page yesterday, January 10, 2019:




Among the concerns, several people took to Reddit to find out what others new about the strange voice coming across their radio. Several wrote they were concerned that it had to do with the government shutdown and some claimed the countdown is an end-of-the-world countdown.


One user wrote “Idk but it’s really weird he says things like we have been taken over and then long wing shoes like some old WWII code”


And one user, MattaNoMore wrote, “I love how the station has confirmed this on Facebook, yet everybody in this thread is all “oMg iT’s ThE gOvErNmEnT sHuTdOwN wE gEtTiNg NuKeD!!!!!!!”’

On Monday, January 7, the radio station changed their Facebook profile picture and added a comment "WEIRD, RIGHT?! 😜 We're "under construction..." Changing things -UP! Music on Monday!"


Several people have commented on their page. Some asking if the station had been hacked, others showing their frustration with the current countdown, and others asking what was going on.



It is unclear if this is just marketing or it the station, which was one of several acquired by Stone Canyon Media Group in September 2018, has undergone a complete format change. 


We will have to wait and see when the station comes back online on Monday.


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