City Deal Helps Traffic Woes At Horseshoe Bend

December 28, 2018


We had a few people inquire about a private company conducting business on city property at the corner of Highway 89 and Highway 98.


If you have not been there yet, the parking situation at Horseshoe Bend has been a complete mess and dangerous, with cars parking along Highway 89 and pedestrians crossing the 65MPH zone.


With the holidays, this type of traffic has not let up, and according to some who were out there today, even the snow didn’t keep people from viewing the iconic landmark. For some, they stated that it seemed as if more people were out there today because of the snow.


Here is what we know about the company working on City property:


The company is Waterhole Canyon Experience, and they have been working with City personnel to assist with the parking and pedestrian issues at Horseshoe Bend during the holiday season.


They are being provided the area at Highways 89 and 98 by the City of Page for parking, staging, and shuttling.


Due to several logistical difficulties, the company was moved from their original spot further down along Highway 98 to the current location. According to sources, this move has helped  

significantly in drastically reducing the vehicle and pedestrian traffic along Highway 89.


This is only a temporary shuttling service and solution during the holidays, and the City is currently looking into more long-term solutions until construction in the area is complete in April 2019.



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