Santa Visits Big Water!

December 17, 2018


Saturday was a day that will not soon be forgotten here in the Lake Powell area. Events were lined up, plans were laid, people gathered, and things unfolded. A festive spirit was in the air and when everything came together, something more than basic planning and work formed in the atmosphere. A sense of community of caring, love and joy enveloped this small corner of the world bringing us all together just a little bit closer in spirit and unity.


One particular thing that may have slipped by the notice of some, unless of course you were a slightly “smaller” subset of the average population, was the miracle of good old Saint Nick, known to most as Santa Claus, to some as Kris Kringle, and to others Father Christmas or simply Santa. This mystical being of legend was out and about throughout the area, and we happened to catch him on one of his stops as he was passing through, bringing joy and fun to a little town right next to Lake Powell.


Big Water, Utah has a yearly visit from Jolly ‘ol Saint Nick and there was no exception this year. He started off the morning landing at the local fire station and hitching a ride with the Fire Chief himself. The local fire engine and several other emergency vehicles helped escort Santa all around Big Water that day.


Normally the sound of sirens and horns would bring a bit of trepidation to the residents of this little town, but not this day. This day it signaled the fun and wonder that was about to descend on tons of children standing outside their homes, and in driveways waiting for their chance to see the mighty Claus. He brought presents and treats to the joyous faces that stared up in awe at the mysterious twinkle in his eyes. That slight glint of merriment and laughter was infectious and spread to the far corners everywhere in town.


Santa even made his way out to Pariah where only a few children lived, escorted of course 

by the Big Water Fire Department. Though a little farther away there was no chance that he would leave out those who lived just a bit farther on. After reaching so far, he made his way back for another tradition in the town of Big Water. Every year the residents there have a huge thank you feast for Santa himself and all those that serve and protect the town itself.

Billie Jean, owner of Big Water Boat Storage, puts on a large get together in which the whole town is invited.


Businesses next door and from a bit farther down all descend to help spread the sense of warm community that pervades the entire area. Children play outside kicking a ball back and forth giggling and running until Santa arrives back from his trip to Pariah. Then Children who maybe missed their chance or are looking for a more personal visit get to meet with Santa once again, as the community feasts and shares stories and camaraderie bringing everyone closer together.


Every year this wonderful series of events unfolds right here, in this small town of Big Water. 

Mirroring perhaps things that happen across the world, but no better example has ever been seen than what took place on that wonderful day. Big in heart and big in spirit, the people of Big Water truly epitomized what it means for this time of year.



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