Fraud Update In Front of Walmart and Full Story:

August 9, 2018



Last night, LPNN was contacted by a concerned citizen and viewer about a person soliciting outside of Wal-Mart.

Here is what we know.



The solicitors have been seen at Wal-Mart for most of the week and are claiming to be collecting donations for youth organizations, and using the names of Page Little League, Page schools, and the ‘local’ YMCA. The concerned citizen who contacted us is very involved with the Page Little League and knows that the solicitors do not represent them. They also contacted both the YMCA in Flagstaff and Phoenix and both agencies said the solicitors are also not affiliated with their organization.


Additionally, the Wal-Mart manager was questioned regarding the legitimacy of the solicitors and claimed that they have a license and that they have Wal-Mart’s permission to solicit on Wal-Mart’s property. The Page Police Department has been contacted regarding the solicitors, however, since they are conducting their ‘business’ on private property and have Wal-Mart’s permission to do so, the police cannot do anything about it.


These solicitors do not represent any local organization, and this is not a local fund raiser; none of the monies collected will ever be seen by the organizations the solicitors are claiming to represent.



LPNN, and the concerned citizen is wanting all throughout the community to know that by supporting these solicitors, you are not supporting the agencies they are claiming to represent.


This is the informational flyer the solicitor is showing.





































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