Page PD and Page Fire Department Team Up For Epic Save

May 12, 2018


Yesterday, in a show of force, the Page Fire and Police Departments teamed up to tackle a  fire that the high winds blew onto three neighboring properties.  


Eye-witness accounts claim that the fire originated behind a home on South Navajo Drive and quickly spread to the backyards of three neighbors on Calle Hermosa, threatening the homes. Eye-witnesses also state there were several neighbors who noticed the smoke and attempted to put out the fire before emergency units were called. As of this writing, there have been no official reports available regarding the cause and starting location of the fire.


The fire caused damage to several trees, a fence, and other structures, but no one was reported to have been injured.






During the incident, the Page Fire Department was located on South Navajo Drive and the Police Department was situated on Calle Hermosa, blocking traffic from entering the area. While the Fire Department tackled the original fire on South Navajo Drive, the winds picked up and spread the fire to a shed, some trees and a fence on adjoining properties. During this time, several officers from the Page Police Department jumped into action and began spraying the trees with hoses and fire extinguishers.




Once the flames calmed down, the wind picked back up and yet another tree caught at a different residence. An onlooker saw this and informed who LPNN believes to be the homeowner, who then grabbed a water hose and began attempting to put it out. An unidentified officer stepped in with a fire extinguisher to assist. Because of the wind, their efforts were minimally effective. The officer then climbed a ladder brought in by neighboring residents and proceeded to the roof of the home. From there, he was able to keep the fire in the tree from touching the home until the fire department could step in.



Once that fire was quelled, the officer turned his attention to a tree that had begun to flare up again and began spraying it down as best he could from the roof top. Page Fire Department was not long behind him and both agencies had a unit putting the flames out.


At approximately 5:50pm, the fire was officially contained, Calle Hermosa was reopened, and residents were allowed back into their homes.


Thank you to those who wear red, and blue, and put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. With the high winds late yesterday afternoon, and the resin from evergreens not wanting to give up, without the Page Fire and Police Departments and their exemplary collaboration, this situation could have ended with more than the loss of a shed, a fence, and some trees.


LPNN Was live on scene to capture the heroism of our local forces. Here is the coverage.






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