Why sponsor LPNN?


  • As of 2018 Quarter 3, LPNN is reaching well over 1 million people per month on average. If LPNN does not grow any more, that is a total of 2.16 million people per year on average. How much is that many people seeing and hearing Your business’ information worth to your business? To put this into perspective:


  • LPNN has the ability to show hard numbers of how many people LPNN is reaching unlike other platforms such as radio and newspaper, so you know exactly how many people LPNN and Your business’ information is reaching without LPNN having to guess or conduct a survey.


  • LPNN’s format is internet based, meaning, Your business’ time of sponsorship is permanent. The more people that discover LPNN and want historical information that LPNN has provided is still available on LPNN’s website and all social media platforms. This means that even 5 years from now, people will still be able to see/hear Your business’ information within and on LPNN’s content.


  • LPNN’s format and platform is unlike other platforms. Your business does not have to worry that your audience is listening to the radio at the exact moment your business' information is playing, or the purchase of a newspaper to be seen a few times then turned into rubbish.


What does sponsorship mean?

As a sponsor of LPNN:

  • Your business will be mentioned during LPNN live broadcasts; and


  • Your business’ logo will be added to the nightly news and/or The Morning Cup


Why the price?

  • LPNN has a wider reach than other traditional platforms, and is able to provide your business with longevity and permanency  that cannot compare to other platforms. When you compare what LPNN offers your business to other traditional platforms, LPNN is less expensive per month, giving you more bang for your buck, allowing your dollar to go farther.




*The average radio ad cost in Arizona is $168 per day for a 30-second ad played 5 times per day; actual time comparisons cannot be made—the average amount of potential on-air ad time for a radio station is 7 hours and 28 minutes (if all ad spots are purchased by your company). This equates to a total of $ 1,176 per month for far less time than LPNN offers.


**The average newspaper black & white, 1/8 page ad in Arizona runs for $14.00 per column inch. 1/8 page = 15 column inches


What does ‘one sponsor per show’ mean for the morning show?


LPNN’s morning show, “The Morning Cup” is an opportunity for exclusive sponsorship. LPNN offers the ability for a business to purchase sponsorship for either a single month, multiple months, or one year. During this time-frame, no other business will be allowed to sponsor “The Morning Cup”. Some examples:


  • Your business purchases one month of sponsorship during “The Morning Cup”. Your business is the only sponsor during that month.


  • The same goes for any amount of time your business purchases; this includes the one-year option. For the one-year option, your business is the only sponsor during that entire year (12-month period) for “The Morning Cup”



What does ‘one sponsor per day per event’ mean for Special Event Coverage?


LPNN covers special events both within the Page area and out of the Page area. Each event we cover, sponsors have the opportunity to be the only sponsor for that specific day for that specific event. For example:


  • LPNN covers the annual Balloon Regatta, which is several days long. Your business wants to be the sponsor for LPNN’s coverage of the first day. Your business is the only sponsor for that coverage.


  • LPNN will mention what business has sponsored the coverage throughout the broadcast(s).


  • There are times where multiple broadcasts are necessary during the entirety of an event due to time.



My business is having a special event and I am a current sponsor with LPNN, and this is not listed in the pricing. Is this a service LPNN offers, and if so, how much is the service and how can my business get LPNN to cover the event?


  • As a current sponsor with LPNN, we will gladly cover your business’ special event as long as there are no scheduling conflicts.


  • LPNN does not charge to cover a current sponsor’s special event, ever. LPNN is happy to have your business sponsor us and believes that extra services such as live event coverage should be free. This is part of what makes LPNN stand out from the rest.


  • All you have to do is let us know at least one-week in advance of any special event your business is having. The sooner we know about the event, the better so we can schedule coverage accordingly.


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