At LPNN, we understand that forming deep relationships with customers is critical to success in today’s growing marketplace. So, whether you’re looking to boost sales, bolster awareness, or increase consumer loyalty, LPNN provides the vital link for effective relationship marketing.

LPNN’s platform offers a combination of corporate and marketing sponsorship. With the increase in social media use to obtain information and entertainment, these types of sponsorships have been on the rise and are two of the fastest growing marketing tools a company can utilize to increase brand awareness.

Sponsorships such as these are designed to enhance relationships with your organization’s stakeholders and promote your organization to increase sales and profits in both the short and long term. And that is what LPNN does. LPNN’s audience has chosen specifically to consume and engage the content provided, therefore they are much more likely to engage with and support companies that sponsor LPNN.

Sponsorships through LPNN are some of the most effective ways you can spend your marketing dollars. As the only online TV and News Station in the Grand Circle, we give those you need to reach, access to you.

3.5 Million Unique Viewers

Average 80% Audience Engagement

Over 50% Weekly Reach of Page & Surrounding Area Residents


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