Meet Chris Lee

Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and 'The Hat'

"I provide the news that I always wished I had had. I bring my community the information that they need and deserve."

I started LPNN because I was tired of the same old nonsense and unresponsiveness of the other local options for news. Whether they ignored stories out of bias, or just failed to cover them in a timely fashion, I was fed up with not knowing what was happening in and around my town and the surrounding areas.

I was tired of waiting a week or hoping that maybe, just maybe I would hear about what happened yesterday or today.

I imagined what it would be like to have a real news company dedicated to keeping the people informed of important news. Things that were happening RIGHT NOW. Not having to wait and hope that maybe at some point someone might inform me of what had happened.

I’ve lived in Page for more than 15 years now, and it is still the same with the news. I decided that if not me, then who? Making the decision to form my own news company was easy. Running it is hard.

Everyday I deal with an entrenched mindset from businesses and people of good enough’s and “it’s always been this way”

My simple question to that is this. Since when is good enough, good enough? Wouldn’t you rather be GREAT! Wouldn’t you rather be FANTASTIC? Just because things have always been this way does not mean that YOU can’t change them.

I am here to serve my community in every way I can. I WILL provide GREAT and FANTASTIC results for my community. I provide the news that I always wished I had had. I bring my community the information that they need and deserve. I care about my community, and I bring that caring to my service.

I know what I am doing, and what I WILL do for my community.

IMAGINE a community working together for a brighter future.

IMAGINE a community united under one common goal of making their lives better.

IMAGINE a community that takes matters into their own hands, and stops letting others run it into the ground for them.

I imagine these things everyday, and more.

Join me in making the change for a GREATER future a FANTASTIC future. One that we can accomplish together.

Share the Posts that matter to you, get the word out that we are ready for something better than the way it has been.

Comment On the Posts that matter to you, show the world that you care about our people, our community.

Be the one that makes that difference in your life.

After all

If not you, then who?

Real News In Real Time

Chris Lee

Owner, LPNN


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